Friday, 4 July 2014

The Private Eye #7 Review (Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin)

I’d read The Private Eye even without Brian K Vaughan’s excellent script - Marcos Martin’s art and Muntsa Vicente’s colours are so good by themselves. 

I think it’s because this issue is mostly a visual one. Our hero PI crosses the villain Deguerre’s path for the first time resulting in a car chase with PI on the coolest futuristic motorbike ever! The sequence is so fast-paced with amazing visuals that you don’t need the dialogue at all. 

There’s also a cute scene at the beginning where we see PI and his assistant Melanie’s first meeting - check out PI’s awesome camouflage coat - in sharp contrast to Melanie’s current situation: badly wounded in a wheelchair and being kidnapped by the last of Deguerre’s French assassins. 

The action’s indicative of the story ramping up as Deguerre’s about to put his plan to bring back Internet into action and, worst of all, the press have caught up with PI. 

The Private Eye #7 is another fine issue in this series - there hasn’t been a bad one and I’m sure this creative team will make it to the end, ten for ten. Great writing, wonderful art, The Private Eye never lets you down for a cracking read. 

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