Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Chew #41 Review (John Layman, Rob Guillory)

41 issues in and I think Chew – one of the most unpredictable comics being published at the moment – has finally become formulaic. Or at least Chew #41 is as close to a Chew template comic as I’ve yet read.

Tony, John, Amelia and Appleby are in Vegas for an annual FDA symposium when some cultists of the immaculate ova strike and cover most of the attendees in lethal fudge. Or are the cultists behind this attack? Also, Tony and Amelia get hitched!!

Here’s why I think Chew #41 is a formulaic Chew comic: 1) foodie bad guys attack a crowded room with a foodie weapon, 2) Tony and Amelia have some romantic scene, 3) bad guy is foiled within one issue, 4) Poyo gets a double splash-page with “Poyo vs… (insert hilarious creature)” – in this issue, it’s a Unisaurus-Rex, 5) issue ends with a “shocking” characters-caught-in-bed scene.

Despite its repetitious nature, it’s a fun issue to read and I’m happy that Tony and Amelia tied the knot but I read it thinking I’d read this comic before and was a little disappointed that it felt like John Layman was repeating himself.

Rob Guillory’s art is as fantastic as ever – this guy can’t draw a bad panel! And his little notes in the background are still one of the highlights of the comics.

Chew #41 is an ok start to the new arc, Chicken Tenders. It doesn’t do anything to advance the overall plot and feels like a filler issue, but hopefully this is a blip and the following ones will pick up.

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