Sunday, 6 July 2014

Superman Unchained #7 Review (Scott Snyder, Jim Lee)

Wow, Superman Unchained is taking it’s sweet time, ain’t it? It started last June and it’s now 13 months later and we’re only on #7 with the last two parts delayed indefinitely! It’s been a good series though and you can see why this issue took a while as Jim Lee’s putting a lot of work into his art. 

General Lane’s showed up at the Fortress of Solitude thinking he can take down Superman with an army of robots, while Wraith’s appeared in the Batcave and is having a smackdown with Batman and Wonder Woman. Will Superman beat the robots? Will Batman somehow withstand Wraith? Double duh. Also, Lois’ crystal suddenly makes her fly and glow - but then it had to do something, right? 

This issue felt like Scott Snyder obliging his boss, co-publisher of DC Comics, Jim Lee, by writing in a lot of fun visual scenes for him to draw rather than fill the issue with talky ones. So there’s stuff like Batman sacrificing all of his Batmobiles by sending them at Wraith, Wraith hitting Wonder Woman with the T-Rex and Wonder Woman hitting Wraith with the giant penny - silly and funny, but cool, I suppose, though very shallow stuff.

I got a feeling of dread when I saw Superman put on this strange armour that looked like that crystal crap from JMS’ Earth One: Vol 2 (one of the worst Superman books ever) but it’s not the same one. It makes sense though - Superman’s sick of getting stopped by kryptonite so he uses the armour to protect him and keep him going. It’s not that he needs it for the bullets and whatnot - it’s to protect against the kryptonite they’re laced with.

Superman Unchained #7’s not a bad comic but it does feel like filler. Characters fight big battles but the real fight of the series is going to be between Superman and Wraith - we’re just waiting for that to happen at this point - so the other battles are pointless. Some cool art though even if the Superman armour feels designed for inclusion in the Injustice computer game, or some other DC game. 

Will we see #8 before year’s end? Probably not, so we’ll have to wait until 2015 before seeing Superman defeat Wraith in an epic slugfest.

Superman Unchained #7

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