Tuesday, 15 July 2014

All-New Doop #3 Review (Peter Milligan, David Lafuente)

It’s just a five issue miniseries but I think #3 is the end of the line for me – All-New Doop has been so bad I can’t read any more!

Initially it was a retelling of Battle of the Atom with Doop and Kitty lurking around the edges (or Doopspace, the margins of the story) and now it’s about Doop facing his mother… for some reason.

After a “battle” with Raze, the future offspring of Wolverine and Mystique, Raze reveals that he somehow knows a terrible secret about Doop’s mum. Oh yeah, and Doop has a mum! Wha..? Doop goes into an emotional tailspin because he apparently doesn’t get along with Mama Doop, but not before making sure Kitty and Bobby break up because he wants Kitty all to himself even though she’s turned him down multiple times (nothing like giving the hero a stalker attitude to make you root for him!). Doop’s momentarily reunited with his former X-Statix team-mate, Tike Alicar the Anarchist, who talks him into confronting his mum.

And that’s the issue. One big “what the fuck is going on?!”.

Is that what this whole miniseries has been about – exploring some weird mummy issues Doop has? Ugh.

I know Peter Milligan created Doop with Mike Allred but he completely screwed the pooch on this one (though Allred’s covers have been amazing). His Doop miniseries has been one long wasted opportunity and totally boring to boot. It’s so crappy, I can’t bear to buy and read the remaining two issues to see whether Doop and his mum get along – I just don’t care!

If you want to read a great Doop comic, check out Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men #17 and ignore Peter Milligan’s tripe.


  1. Your disappointment with the series aside, is the Future Deadpool from Battle of the Atom in the comic or just on the cover? Thanks I've been looking for someone who has actually read it and my comic shop is sold out of it.

    1. Future Deadpool is not in this comic.

      You could try Comixology for a digital copy?

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. All the synopsis said raze and the future brotherhood but nothing specific. I'm a bit of a deadpool completionist trying to catch all his appearances. Thanks again for clearing that up.