Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Inhuman #2 Review (Charles Soule, Joe Madureira)

Attilan, the fallen Inhuman capital city, is floating on the Hudson River with pieces of it’s wreckage littering New York City - and AIM are out to grab a piece of Inhuman tech for themselves. Meanwhile, the recently turned Inhuman, Dante, begins to learn about his new life and abilities at the hands of Gorgon. 

As a single issue, Inhuman #2 is pretty mediocre. I’m sure in the trade paperback it’ll read better as a bridge episode, but looking at it by itself, nothing very interesting happens in it. Dante and Gorgon locking horns felt like when Kilowog gets some fresh Green Lantern cadets to train up, while the whole episode of cleaning up scattered Inhuman debris felt like filler as it doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s an excuse to have Cap show up and fight alongside Medusa, but that’s about it. 

Even that fight though is unexciting - what, Cap and Medusa are going to lose to the beekeepers? C’mon. And when AIM do send their big guns against Medusa, she despatches them in a single panel with the same ruthless efficiency the Jedi used to destroy the droids in the Prequels, ie. so easily they may as well not be there. 

Lash is missing which is a shame because I quite liked his character, but in his place is Lineage, a purple ex-mobster whose transformation can be read in Charles Soule’s Thunderbolts/Infinity crossover. How this guy knows about Black Bolt’s plans though, I’ve no idea. 

The series storyline hasn’t really formed yet - broadly it’s about the aftermath of the terrigen bomb explosion and the new Inhumans cropping up, yes, but other than that? Medusa seems listless and untethered, and there aren’t any other characters to speak of really. Soule’s writing is fine, Joe Madureira’s art is good, but Inhuman, while decent, remains a fairly average series. The second issue doesn’t do much to build on the first and ends up feeling like a wasted opportunity to drive things forward by instead being static.

Inhuman #2

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