Friday 25 February 2022

Radiant Black, Volume 2: Team-Up Review (Kyle Higgins, Marcelo Costa)

With Nathan out of action, it’s down to his bestie Marshall to take up the mantle of Radiant Black and battle the mysterious glitchy Radiant, with the help of the other coloured Radiants he’s recently met, and find a way of saving Nathan’s life. Also, Radiant Pink’s origin story.

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Batman: Detective Comics, Volume 1: The Neighborhood Review (Mariko Tamaki, Dan Mora)

Newly-billion-less Bruce Wayne has had to move into the rough and tumble upper-middle class district of Gotham and take a, gasp, apartment in lieu of his stately manor, where he must attend house parties without his butler making excuses on his behalf - oh, the hardship! Coincidentally, shortly after Bruce moves in, his neighbours start getting murdered. Could it have something to do with new eyepatch-wearing Mayor Nakano or his administration? Meanwhile, Huntress searches for the killer of her weird friend.

Monday 21 February 2022

Tracy Flick Can't Win by Tom Perrotta Review

Tracy Flick’s a middle-aged single mom and working as an Assistant Principal at Green Meadow High School. And then she finds out her boss, Principal Jack Weede, is suddenly retiring - at last, a shot at being in charge! Except she needs the support of the school board whose president, a Silicon Valley millionaire, is dead set on giving the school an Alumni Hall of Fame. Its first inductee? A former NFL player. And just like that, Tracy’s right back to where she was in Election: in high school, struggling for power, and a football player’s involved. But this time she’ll win - right?

Sunday 20 February 2022

The Swamp Thing, Volume 1: Becoming Review (Ram V, Mike Perkins)

Levi Kamei, an Indian-American, is the new Swamp Thing for no reason - why is he turning into Swamp Thing, how did he get chosen? Don’t ask this book, ‘cos it don’t know! Get ready for the most imaginative storyline ever: Swamp Thing Levi’s gotta fight a monster in a desert. Wow. And then, in the ever-dismal Future State line, there’s a two-parter where Swamp Thing and other swampies gotta fight a generic evil government agency in a generic post-apocalyptic setting. Let’s get ready to slumber with Swamp Thing, Volume 1: Becoming Really Tired of Terrible Swamp Thing Comics!

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Tunnels by Rutu Modan Review

When Nili was a child she and her archaeologist father tried uncovering the location of the Ark of the Covenant - the gold-covered box that houses the stone tablets the Ten Commandments were written on and handed from God to Moses - but never found it. Now grown-up with a kid of her own, Nili is back in Israel and determined to find the Ark once and for all. Except their old tunnel now lies on the wrong side of the separation wall over in Palestine. Nili must assemble a team to dig to the old tunnel to dig a new tunnel to where she thinks the Ark is really held. With others cottoning on to Nili’s game, who will find the Ark first?

Wednesday 9 February 2022

The Shape of Elvira Review (David Avallone, Fran Strukan)

For the purposes of this book The Shape of Water doesn’t exist in Elvira’s world and a fancy-pants director decides she’d be perfect for the starring role in his version of that movie opposite a really committed actor in a really convincing outfit. Yeah, definitely not an actual Abe Sapien-type! But Elvira soon finds out that the movie is just a pretence for what the director’s really shooting for…

Monday 7 February 2022

Mazebook by Jeff Lemire Review

A depressed building inspector starts receiving phone calls from his daughter in the middle of the night. But… she died over ten years ago! Could he be having a mental breakdown or did his puzzle-loving kid somehow not die and wind up inside a maze-type world?! I mean, obviously the former. But we gotta pretend there’s some question over these things for, y’know, there to be a book.

Sunday 6 February 2022

Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Afterworlds Review (Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad)

Spinning out of Dark Nights: Death Metal, Wonder Woman finds herself in the afterlife - though not in Olympus as she expects but Asgard for some reason! Yggdrasil the World Tree is dying and a mysterious villain has laid waste to Olympus. Teaming up with a generic hunk and a talking squirrel, Diana’s gotta save the blah blah blah.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Sideswipe by Charles Willeford Review

Detective-Sergeant Hoke Moseley suffers a mental breakdown, quits the Miami PD and heads to remote Singer Island to recuperate at his dad’s house and try his hand at a new, seemingly less-stressful career as a property manager. Meanwhile, retiree Stanley Sinkiewicz accidentally gets himself thrown in jail where he meets charismatic psychopath Troy Louden who ropes him into his web of crime and moider…

Thursday 3 February 2022

Batman/Catwoman Special #1 Review (Tom King, John Paul Leon)

It doesn’t say it on the cover but the Batman/Catwoman Special is essentially a tribute issue to artist John Paul Leon who died of cancer last year. His last work is printed here - the first 13 pages of the extra-long Tom King story - which is finished up by Bernard Chang, Shawn Crystal and Mitch Gerads, using John Paul’s breakdowns (which are also printed in full).

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace Review (Garth Ennis, Garry Brown)

In Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace, Peacemaker/Christopher Smith undergoes a psych eval (he’s applying for a spot on a “new team”, whatever that is) in a military cemetery where he relates his bloody life story and warped personal philosophy of justice to a psychiatrist. Disturbing indeed…

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Year Zero, Volume 1 Review (Benjamin Percy, Ramon Rosanas)

One year ago a polar scientist unearthed a frozen secret from humanity’s distant past, unwittingly setting off a chain of events that leads to where the story picks up, a year later, when the zombie apocalypse happens. Our cast is: a young orphan in Mexico City; a Japanese hitman; an Afghani woman in Kabul; and an American survivalist in Minnesota. Find out their fates and the fate of the world in Year Zero, Volume 1!