Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Starlight #3 Review (Mark Millar, Goran Parlov)

What’s the appeal of Starlight? An elderly Buck Rogers-type goes back to the alien world he once liberated as a young man only to find it enslaved by another alien race and he’s got to do it all over again – am I the only one who finds that storyline idea really bland and uninspired?

In Starlight #3, Duke McQueen’s returned to the alien world and immediately starts fighting the oppressors. He kills a load of them before he gets arrested and thrown in an alien cell, shortly to be executed on live TV. Cut to a bar scene where we meet a female Han Solo-type who decides she’s gonna bust him out, and that’s it. 

Mark Millar’s writing in Starlight is fine but contains none of the brilliance of his best books. Here it’s serviceable at best and when he attempts a joke with the alien hipster dressed as Fonzie, it falls flat. I will say this about Millar though: he understands comics are collaborative and knows when to step back and let the artist tell the story. Goran Parlov’s action scenes are great with just the art – any dialogue thrown in would’ve been redundant and clumsy, so having them silent was a great choice by Millar.

And that’s Starlight #3 – a very unremarkable comic in a very unremarkable series. That’s also the feeling I’ve had after reading each issue: that’s it? Yup. That’s it.

Starlight #3

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