Monday, 14 July 2014

Starlight #4 Review (Mark Millar, Goran Parlov)

Oh god, how many more of these to go?

Four issues in and Starlight still fails to shine. This issue sees Duke McQueen, the kid, and fake Fonzie busted out of prison (didn’t see that coming!) by the rebel alliance – yup, this series has gone full-on Star Wars. Nothing else happens except that Duke is given a sword, like the one he used when he first liberated the aliens, and he’s now leading the rebels.

Starlight feels like the most comic-as-film-storyboard than anything Mark Millar’s done - including The Secret Service which was created to be made into a film! It’s so shallow and lazy. That scene where the kid breaks down and reveals the bad guy killed the kid’s parents in front of him was so cliched and forced. Or how about the unimaginative Endor-esque rebels’ base? Or the Tom Cruise reference at the start? Awful, just awful. 

I did like the jet-pack rescue, that was a pretty cool sequence, and the flashback page to Duke’s youthful adventures taking on the Robot King, the Ice Apes, and so on was fun - it tied into the corny space adventure-type genre it’s parodying. And I like Goran Parlov’s art - if nothing else Millar always works with the best artists. I think if the art were bad, I would’ve given up on this series at least a couple issues ago. 

But unless it’s going to end in another issue or two, I don’t see myself lasting the distance with this series. This is easily one of Millar’s most boring comics ever. Predictable, derivative, dull - that’s Starlight all over, and issue #4 sees no improvement.

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