Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Amazing Spider-Man #4 Review (Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos)

The dullest subplot ever of Peter using his new company, Parker Industries, to create an Electro trap is put on hold while the series crosses over with Original Sin, Marvel’s Summer Event of 2014. Taking place sometime during Original Sin #3, Peter is zapped by one of the Watcher’s eyeballs and discovers a hidden secret - he wasn’t the only one bitten by the radioactive spider! 

A girl called Cindy Moon was also given spider powers but unlike Peter she was taken away by a shady man called Ezekiel who has kept her locked her up for years. Peter tracks her down, sets her free, and the two canoodle (of course - Peter, you handsome devil)! But a dangerous fellow called Morlun is now on his way and he wants Cindy all to himself... 

I’m really trying to find positives with this series but Amazing Spider-Man is getting less and less amazing the further in I get. The Electro/Black Cat storyline is completely uninteresting, this new Cindy Moon(aka Silk)/Morlun plot is average at best, and that old trope about Peter retiring Spider-Man and ceding the role to someone else is so played out at this point. 

I did like that Silk spun her own costume out of webbing (no web shooters for this gal!) which is something I’ve always felt Spider-Man should do. Though I suppose he’d have to keep spinning it if he was on a lengthy mission as the webbing dissolves after a few hours, so that’d be impractical! 

If you’re one of those readers who feels they have to read everything tied into a Marvel Event, you really don’t need to bother with this issue - it barely references the main story and adds nothing to it at all. You can definitely skip this. 

And that unfortunately goes for readers of Amazing Spider-Man too, or at least if, like me, you’ve found the series so far to be seriously lacking in inspiration. I’ll see the arc out to the end of the next issue but it looks like I’m going to drop this title from my pull list. Amazing Spider-Man #4: what a bland comic!

Amazing Spider-Man #4 (Original Sin)

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