Sunday, 20 July 2014

Original Sin #6 Review (Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato)

Strangely, not a whole lot happens in this issue to advance the threadbare plot even though we’re closing in fast to the finale. Fury continues to look guilty as hell, some more of the cards are on the table, and the heroes are standing around waiting for something to do. Meanwhile, Midas (who looks exactly like The Thing - is he supposed to?!) and co. are wandering about for some reason. And that’s the whole issue.

I think I know why I’m not enjoying Original Sin and it’s two things. First, because it’s essentially a police procedural and I hate that genre. Characters potter about in labs, going to crime scenes looking for clues, standing in front of screens or boards with post-its pinned on them, stroking their chins, pondering… it couldn’t be more boring, at least to me. 

And second, because of Aaron’s snail-pace plot. There are two exciting moments in a murder mystery - first is the murder, second is the hunt for, and apprehension of, the killer. The initial murder was kinda interesting but the hunt for the killer has been mostly a snoozefest. At this point in the series - #6 out of #8 - there really should be an elevation of tension or a feeling of momentum being gained, and there really isn’t. 

We find out why Fury’s suddenly really old, the heroes have a pointless big fight, and then the final page is supposed to make us excited for the next issue but instead made me feel otherwise. And while the cover seems interesting, if you’ve been following the series so far, you’ll know better - and the question, Who Pulled the Trigger?, becomes such a pointless one, really. 

Mike Deodato’s art is still terrific and, with each issue that passes, I become more of a fan of his style. He can do big action splash pages really nicely with lots of detail to give it this wonderful HD appearance, and I love how he draws the characters so that they just look badass. There’s still too much ink on the page though - the comic looks great but it’s a bit too dark. 

Original Sin is turning out to be a very unremarkable murder mystery though it’s spin off books are generating more interest - Thor and Loki’s sister, Stark’s involvement in Hulk’s creation - so maybe while the main title becomes less and less interesting by the issue, the spinoffs are the comics to be reading? Either way, Original Sin #6 is quite a dull comic with Jason Aaron content to continue treading water for another issue and bore the reader still further in the process.

Original Sin #6


  1. IIRC, Midas purposely exposed himself to cosmic rays and gained the powers of all the Fantastic Four. If I still had the Marvel Boy trade, I would mail it to you just to see your reaction.

    1. Did he also somehow gain Doom powers? Cos he looks like he's wearing a gold version of Doom's armour earlier in the series.

  2. It was an early suit of Iron Man armor he acquired. I think the armor was from around Avengers #1, before he went to the iconic red and yellow.