Sunday, 6 July 2014

Original Sin #2 Review (Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato)

It’s the day after The Watcher was murdered and the heroes are hot on the heels of the killers: the Mindless Ones (think Cyclops crossed with The Maxx). But their behaviour suggests they’re just the puppets - so who’s the puppet master? And who’s stolen The Watcher’s eyes and why? 

The second issue of Original Sin is a bit meh. For one thing we know the Mindless Ones aren’t the real killers because who gives away the killer’s identity by the second issue of eight, so all of that bru-ha-ha is a lotta nothin’, and for the other, the heroes basically spend the issue looking for clues and talking about pretty mundane stuff. 

Towards the end Jason Aaron throws a curveball when we see another Thing who looks weird - is he an alternate dimension Thing or a futuristic Thing? - and then the final page reveal of a bizarre z-list villain (that’s literally how he’s introduced in the caption!) was unexpected. But then if you know anything about Aaron, it’s that he has a tendency to bring back long-forgotten characters and slip them into his stories - that’s how he brought back Doop and made him popular! 

Mike Deodato’s art is quite impressive here, especially the splash page where the heroes have surrounded the villains in downtown New York City (man, it must suck to live there in the Marvel Universe - everything getting smashed up on a monthly basis!). Plenty of clean lines and ambitious, frenetic action panels - Deodato’s put a lot of effort into this comic and it shows. 

Original Sin #2 is a necessary bridge issue to get us to the next part but it’s not the most enjoyable comic to read as there’s just a bit too much dull exposition for my liking. Though it does have Nick Fury classic flying with a jetpack so, silver lining an all.

Original Sin #2

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