Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo #1 Review (John Layman, Rob Guillory)

Goddamnit, ANOTHER cybernetic luchador chicken comic - honestly, the market is flooded with this crap! 

Of course I’m joking - there is only one badass chicken that owns all of comicsdom! 

This is what every Chew fan has been dreaming of since they first met the character - Poyo’s very own comic! No longer relegated to just those delightful splash pages in the regular issues, Poyo stars in this one-shot that sees him saving the President of the United States on a molecular level before embarking on a Lord of the Rings quest parody to defeat the evil Groceryomancer. 

This comic. Fucking. Rules. 

I’ve been down on Chew these last couple issues (three if you count the Revival crossover) but Warrior Chicken Poyo wins me right back - this is what I love about Chew wrapped up in one barmy comic! John Layman cooks up one amazing adventure after another as our hero fights terrorists before heading to fantasyland to fight killer vegetables (the Tomatokazes were my favourite!) before taking on the Groceryomancer himself. 

It’s an incredibly violent comic too, so your local comic shop will likely have it wrapped in an “over 18s only” bag like mine did. But the violence is sooo cool - the way Poyo defeated the Groceryomancer? I mean… that was so damn imaginative and funny! Perfecto, Senor Layman! 

Rob Guillory’s art is always fantastic but he really pulls out the stops in this issue. He takes Layman’s raw ingredients of a script and does all kinds of zen-level shit to it, bringing it to glorious life - the killer vegetables are one thing but the way he can make you believe a chicken can kick so much ass is something else. Those moves Poyo was pulling off were insane - he is a genuine action hero and I can’t wait to see him portrayed in the animated series. 

Speaking of Rob, the letters page is taken up with pics of his second kid which is very sweet - and he named her Amelia Mae too!! 

But the Poyo love doesn’t stop there - 10 pages of covers from the likes of Chris Burnham, Ray Fawkes and Sina Grace celebrate Poyo’s adventures further! It’s hard to pick a favourite out of them but I loved Burnham’s (his exceptional work on Batman Incorporated made me a fan for life) and Daniel Warren Johnson’s art is simply breathtaking. What a brilliant way to end the issue! 

I haven’t talked about all the great moments and surprises that await the Chew reader (that final page!) and I won’t - you’ll want to discover those for yourself and you’ll love them. What a great comic - Warrior Chicken Poyo #1 is everything the Chew fan could want from a Poyo one-shot. It’s entertaining, imaginative and fun, with great writing and art. It might be the best one-shot any series has ever had! 

Check it out and enjoy as Layman and Guillory serve up a steaming pile of awesomeness!

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