Sunday, 13 July 2014

Original Sin #4 Review (Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato)

Halfway through Original Sin now and issue #4 begins to ramp things up. Jason Aaron’s on top form having fun playing with readers’ expectations, first throwing in that last page shocker in #3 and then throwing another curveball by the end. 

Black Panther, Ant Man and Emma Frost are (finally) done with their underground investigations and head topside to the moon, while Doctor Strange and Punisher show up to Nick Fury’s office at the same time as Wolverine and Hulk with you-know-what at their feet. Things look bad, especially as Wolverine’s claws are out! 

Aaron’s one of the Punisher’s best writers so it’s great to see him writing Frank Castle once again. He does the character justice in his fight against Hulk - I know, Punisher vs. Hulk, that’s not even close to being an equal fight! But Frank holds his own surprisingly well. He also has a great moment with Rocket Raccoon as the two compare guns - a team-up between these two would make for an awesome mini-series! 

The Orb is becoming an increasingly likeable chap especially with his endearingly silly introductory line - “Hello! I talk to eyeballs.” - to the group. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of this dude in future Marvel comics (assuming he makes it out of this event alive). 

Mike Deodato’s art continues to be top notch. His designs for various vehicles like Black Panther’s tunnelling machine and the satellite are great, the fights look good (it’s an action-heavy issue), and I love that Winter Soldier’s using the Watcher’s giant eyeball and you-know-what as weapons. I do feel that there’s far too much black on the page though with lots and lots of shadows and not enough colour. I get that this is supposed to be a dark story but it’s still hard to look at sometimes. 

The final page of this issue throws up still further questions about what the hell is going on, but it also makes the story that much more intriguing, as well as wiping the slate clean on a certain suspect. Could Original Sin be the first Marvel event in years to actually be… good?! Four more issues to find out, but so far it’s been very decent.

Original Sin #4

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