Friday, 27 May 2016

Captain America & Black Widow Review (Cullen Bunn, Francesco Francavilla)

Captain America and Black Widow! Clones! Cosmic cubes! Alternate dimensions! Evil corporations! How does any of this come together into a coherent storyline? It doesn’t! 

Apparently this one is the final part in Cullen Bunn’s short-lived (for a reason) run on this series but there’s no way you’d know that given how it’s advertised: “Captain America & Black Widow” is the title - no volume number, no nothing! So that’s why it’s so confusing to just jump straight into rather than read the book/s before it. Then again this was so crap there’s no way I’m gonna go back and read the backstory! 

Cap and Natasha team up with a clone of Natasha’s from another dimension to battle someone villainous called Kashmir Vennema who wants to take over the world or universe or something mind-numbingly generic. They somehow travel to another dimension where War of the Worlds tripods rule and they beat them and they wins. Bleurgh. Absolute trash. 

I liked Francesco Francavilla’s art even if there’s zero imagination in ripping off the tripod designs from Spielberg’s War of the Worlds movie. And it’s pretty fun seeing Cap and Nat trash the tripods too. Other than that, this book is the pits. 

If there’s literally nothing else to read and you’re a fan of Francesco Francavilla’s art style, check this out. Otherwise, keep on trucking!

Captain America & Black Widow

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