Sunday, 28 August 2016

New Mutants, Volume 1: Return of Legion Review (Zeb Wells, Diogenes Neves)

The New Mutants are: Cannonball, Sunspot, Magma, Magik, Dani Moonstar and Karma aka the X-Men’s B-team aka who?! When one of their team goes missing, they set out to find her in a remote town – and guess who’s awaiting? Legion! It’s six versus however many dozens of personalities are inside David Haller’s whacked-out mind!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Invincible, Volume 4: Head of the Class Review (Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker)

Mark Grayson/Invincible and his ma are still reeling from the revelations about his pa Omni-Man. But Mark hasn’t got much time to reflect with aliens invading and high school graduation ahead. Being a teen superhero, eh? 

Scarlet Witch, Volume 1: Witches' Road Review (James Robinson, Vanesa Del Rey)

James Robinson’s pitch for a new Scarlet Witch series isn’t the strongest: er, just have her wander the Earth, fighting evil spirits and such? Its arbitrary, uninspired nature is why this first volume doesn’t leave much of an impression.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Deadpool: Too Soon? #1 Review (Joshua Corin, Todd Nauck)

The bad news is the Unbearable Squirrel Girl and Howard the Fuck are in this comic. The good news is that this is a Marvel version of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None so there’s a possibility we might get to see them killed! 

Scene of the Crime Review (Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark)

Think of a clich├ęd LA noir plot: missing persons, shady organisations, stake-outs, private dicks with drinking problems, the occasional gun-fight; that’s Scene of the Crime!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Black Hammer #1 Review (Jeff Lemire, Dean Ormston)

Ten years ago they saved the world during a crisis-level event. Today this small team of superheroes live on a farm near a small town with no memory of how they arrived there but they do know one thing: they can never leave. Wha’ happen?! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Lone Wolf and Cub, Volume 1: The Assassin's Road Review (Kazuo Koike, Goseki Kojima)

Lone Wolf and Cub are a disgraced samurai and his infant son travelling through Edo-period Japan (sometime between 1603 and 1868) working as a sword-for-hire. He kills lots of people, some of them try to kill him and his boy and fail (that’s not a spoiler, there are several more books after this so of course he’s in no real danger), and that’s about it! 

How to Fool All of the People, All of the Time by John Connolly Review

In his reprinted article from April 1991 for the now-defunct Spy magazine, How to Fool All of the People, All of the Time, John Connolly eviscerates Donald Trump’s public image, revealing the con-man lurking behind the visage of success. And it’s an entertaining read! 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Avengers Standoff, Volume 2 Review (Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna)

Superheroes are integrated into Pleasant Hill alongside supervillains which can only mean one thing: big pointless battle! Sigh… Avengers Standoff ends as poorly as it started!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Howard the Duck, Volume 1: Duck Hunt Review (Chip Zdarsky, Joe Quinones)

I get that Howard the Duck is meant to be a “lame (duck) character” (sorry that was a Chip Zdarsky-level joke) but does his series have to be actually lame? The first Howard the Duck volume (numbered “Volume 0” because Marvel can’t do anything simply) wasn’t great but it was ok - this second one though (Volume 1)? Pee-yew! 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Cartoons for People and Advanced Bears by Jim Benton Review

An artist who draws a crap duck painting then sells the pastel-splattered rag underneath it as the real art, a fat guy who likes Cheetos, a wizard who summons a lemon instead of a demon thanks to cursive (the cartoon on the cover), and what do the buttons on Darth Vader’s chest really do? These are the one-page cartoons of Jim Benton most of which are pretty meh, though a few aren’t bad.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Avengers Standoff, Volume 1 Review (Nick Spencer, Jesus Saiz)

Welcome to Pleasant Hill, a perfect, 1950s-style small town complete with its own malt-shop straight out of Archie! The people here are friendly, Mayor Maria Hill is organising fun events like the forthcoming air show, Dr Erik Selvig keeps everyone healthy, and nothing bad ever seems to happen. But the community seems a little too idyllic for some... And the residents can’t ever leave or remember much of their pasts - what the Jiminy Cricket is going on?!

Friday, 19 August 2016

All-New X-Men: Inevitable, Volume 1: Ghosts of Cyclops Review (Dennis Hopeless, Mark Bagley)

In the eight months since Battleworld, Cyclops has died - somehow, somewhen, by possibly someone (the suddenly-lethal-to-mutants Terrigen Mist might’ve got ‘im!). In his wake are a gang of mutant idiots wearing Cyclops masks calling themselves the Ghosts of Cyclops, causing havoc wherever they appear. It’s up to the teenage time-displaced All-New X-Men - including the young Cyclops - to stop them. Not enough Cyclops mentions in this paragraph? CYCLOPS!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy: New Guard, Volume 1: Emperor Quill Review (Brian Michael Bendis, Valerio Schiti)

Brian Bendis’ Guardians of the Galaxy might’ve been relaunched with a slightly different lineup - Kitty Pryde is wearing Star-Lord’s clothes and Ben Grimm aka The Thing is there for no reason - but it’s the same repetitive bullshit storylines as before. A powerful alien wants to destroy things - Guardians gotta punch them ‘til they stop! Then, immediately after they stop the powerful alien by out-punching them, another powerful alien appears that they have to stop with punching! I think it’s time Bendis left this title.