Tuesday, 1 July 2014

All-New Doop #2 Review (Peter Milligan, David Lafuente)

When the Doop mini-series was announced, I couldn’t wait because I thought it’d be more of that brilliance we saw in that single issue from Wolverine and the X-Men when Jason Aaron showed us a day in the life of Doop. That awesomeness has been sorely lacking from this mini-series which has - completely bizarrely! - chosen to retell the Battle of the Atom storyline from last year with Doop popping up in between sections of that arc. 

Why, why, whyyyyyyyyy, Peter Milligan?! 

There is one curveball in here and that’s Doop falling in love with, and proposing to, Kitty Pryde after learning to talk English. This issue shows them on their first date which hits the bricks once Doop reveals that he’s secretly video-taping everyone. 

I get that Doop’s existence is between the margins of more popular characters and bigger stories, which is explained in this comic, and that having him pop up in between the Battle of the Atom storyline underlines that idea, but again: why? 

Why repeat an X-Men storyline from last year (and not even a very good one)? Why not do something original or different? Do we need to have Doop’s perspective on this storyline? No! His angle changes nothing about the story, and the cliffhanger of this issue means nothing because, to those of us who read the Battle of the Atom storyline months ago, we already know what happens next!! 

I love Mike Allred’s covers, I think David Lafuente’s art is really good, but I hate Peter Milligan’s script - it’s so awful, unimaginative and tedious, I can’t believe it got greenlit! 

Two issues in and the Doop miniseries is turning out to be the biggest disappointment in the second wave of Marvel NOW! titles. The worst of it is, I don’t think it’ll get better - I think this is all there is to this series: Milligan retelling the Battle of the Atom storyline for some mystifying reason. 

Doop deserved better.

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