About Me

One of my favourite comics - Batman '66!
I've written numerous non-fiction pieces, mostly covering comics, for professional sites like What Culture!, Den of Geek UK, The Nudge Network, and The Sequart Organisation. 

I've been a comics fan since learning to read, starting with titles like Asterix, Tintin, and The Beano, graduating to 2000AD and Marvel/DC stuff in my teens, and "graphic novels" (ie. non-superhero comics) after finishing high school.

I buy and review weekly comics, as well as graphic novels/trade paperbacks of every stripe, whenever and wherever I can. I do accept review requests but only from publishers/writers/artists I'm familiar with - that means no self-publishers, please! If you want to get in touch, my Twitter is @NoelThorne.

I do receive a lot of review copies but I don't mention this in my reviews, mostly because I forget to, but also because I'm ALWAYS honest in my reviews of books - sometimes to the publisher/author's anger! All of my opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced by anyone, anywhere. Ask me to review your book at your peril!

I read and review as a hobby and I enjoy doing both - hopefully you'll enjoy reading what I write too. If you want to holla at me in the comments over whatever, go for it. Unless you're a spambot, you won't get deleted.


  1. Hey buddy, I came here all the way from Amazon, to tell you that your review spoilered a whole comic. You know, when you write a review, it'd be nice, if you would mark spoilers, like many other reasonable, reviewers are doing.

    It's a really shitty thing to do.

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