About Me

One of my favourite comics - Batman '66!
I've written numerous non-fiction pieces, mostly covering comics, for professional sites like What Culture!, Den of Geek UK, The Nudge Network, and The Sequart Organisation. 

I've been a comics fan since learning to read, starting with titles like Asterix, Tintin, and The Beano, graduating to 2000AD and Marvel/DC stuff in my teens, and "graphic novels" (ie. non-superhero comics) after finishing high school.

I buy and review weekly comics, as well as graphic novels/trade paperbacks of every stripe, whenever and wherever I can. I do accept review requests but only from publishers/writers/artists I'm familiar with - that means no self-publishers, please! If you want to get in touch, my Twitter is @NoelThorne.

I do receive a lot of review copies but I don't mention this in my reviews, mostly because I forget to, but also because I'm ALWAYS honest in my reviews of books - sometimes to the publisher/author's anger! All of my opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced by anyone, anywhere. Ask me to review your book at your peril!

I read and review as a hobby and I enjoy doing both - hopefully you'll enjoy reading what I write too. If you want to holla at me in the comments over whatever, go for it. Unless you're a spambot, you won't get deleted.


  1. Hey buddy, I came here all the way from Amazon, to tell you that your review spoilered a whole comic. You know, when you write a review, it'd be nice, if you would mark spoilers, like many other reasonable, reviewers are doing.

    It's a really shitty thing to do.

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  3. You uncultured swine shut the fuck up and go read some pieces of literature. Cao Ni Ma

  4. Gosh, there are some really harsh people out there. Thank you for being willing to review books and for being an avid reader. I know what you mean about Asterix comics. I read every one of them and loved living in that quirky imaginary world.

  5. Your reviews are very rude, non-objective and ignorant. You give geeks a bad name.

  6. Your reviews are never objective, overtly critical, disrespectful and, for the lack of a better word, ignorant.

  7. Your reviews are never objective, overtly critical, disrespectful and, for the lack of a better word, ignorant.

  8. "Your reviews are never objective, overtly critical, disrespectful and, for the lack of a better word, ignorant."

    People are entitled to their opinions, but he's also shown that he lacks basic reading comprehension skills. Lord knows how many "reviews" of his I've seen where he clearly has no idea what he's even talking about. Of course, because he somehow managed to become one of the top comic "reviewers" on Goodreads, his reviews are almost always on top thanks to his sycophantic followers liking anything he posts.

    He's an example from Avengers A.I.

    "It’s weird how a unique group like Avengers AI show up and out of nowhere a threat appears that they would be ideal to fight! Yeah it’s pretty contrived to say the least, but in that way that all superhero stories are - a villain conveniently rocks up to battle the newly-arrived hero."

    The team was put together AFTER the threat emerged, ya idjit. A lot of his reviews show similar lack of understanding. No wonder he hardly seems to enjoy anything he reads. Probably doesn't understand many words with more than two syllables.

  9. Man, this comment section is acidic.
    I like the author's reviews.
    They're sharp, terse and without prejudice.
    Modern comics need an ass whooping. Definitely a recommend.

  10. Your reviews give me a new view on some stories I like and some stories I didn't like that much, do you have a link of a list of comics that you consider 5/5?

    1. You could try my Goodreads stats page:

      Click on the year and it shows the breakdown of ratings - you should be able to see the five star ratings easily.

  11. Hey Noel!

    Can I email you a request I have?
    You can reach me at,
    thank you!!


  12. Comoletely agree with what everyone else has said-your reviews are superfluous and lacking of any substance or deeper analysis. Just the typical limey, redditor, contrarian wannabe pseudo intellectual. Castrate and kill yourself f@990t.

  13. There's a part of me wishes I had this level of engagement on my shitty blog, but then again, there's a part of me that is happy to die in obscurity. Keep on keeping on matey.