Saturday, 22 July 2017

Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Volume 3: The Last Ronin Review (Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino)

Old Man Logan works fine as a standalone book but as an ongoing title? Nope. And I think at this point Marvel should just stop because Jeff Lemire’s clearly run out of ideas. 

So the unmemorable story of Logan hunting down Lady Deathstrike takes him back to, of course, Japan where he has to fight some arbitrary warrior monks because what else is he gonna do? 

It’s so dull. It’s just Logan slicing and dicing his way through dozens of people. It’s really edge of your seat stuff when your protagonist is invincible!! There’s also a story set in the past running parallel to the one in the present but the two get in each other’s way rather than complement one another. Like, the present storyline is set in a different timeline to the past, which, besides being a needlessly convoluted setup, means that they have nothing to do with one another. 

The only positive thing I can say about The Last Ronin is that Andrea Sorrentino’s art is nothing short of spectacular. The landscape vistas are stunningly beautiful and the splash page of Logan’s head and memories displayed with thousands of tiny panels was remarkable. This artist gets better and better with each passing book and it’s so impressive to see. 

Art aside, The Last Ronin is a totally boring Wolverine book, which always seems to be the case whenever Logan goes to Japan. Time for this title to commit seppuku, Marvel!

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