Sunday, 30 July 2017

Deadpool the Duck Review (Stuart Moore, Jacopo Camagni)

Deadpool and Howard the Duck find themselves temporarily fused after a Cronenberg-esque teleporter malfunction (of course). Deadpool the Duck must figure out how to un-fuse and save their buddy Rocket from space rabies!

Stuart Moore and Jacopo Camagni’s Deadpool the Duck isn’t a bad comic but it’s by no means a must-read either. The concept is cute and Moore comes up with just about enough to keep this mini-series from being boring but Deadpool the Duck’s shenanigans was never edge-of-your-seat reading.

Predictably there’s a lot of pointless shooting and a couple of minor new characters are introduced whose mother/daughter issues were quite yawnworthy. I have no idea either how Mary went from being a SHIELD receptionist to leading a mission in the field??

The puke running gag wasn’t funny but I did laugh towards the end when Doctor Bong appears, strikes a silly pose and says “No one knows disappointing climaxes like Doctor Bong!”. The nihilistic, noirish tone of Howard’s interior monologue was compelling and Camagni’s art is pretty good too.

Deadpool the Duck is a playfully random book that you could only make work with two out-there characters like Deadpool and Howard. I didn’t love it and it’s not that memorable but it’s a perfectly readable done-in-one outing for this odd couple.

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