Thursday, 6 July 2017

Moon Knight, Volume 2: Reincarnations Review (Jeff Lemire, James Stokoe)

If you’ve read any Moon Knight comics you’ll know the hero, Marc Spector/Moon Knight, is madder than a box of frogs. He’s completely crazy in the coconut! That’s what Jeff Lemire’s second Moon Knight book is all about underlining - and unfortunately not much else. 

There are three seemingly disparate men - a movie producer, a cab driver, and a space pilot - all living very different, strange lives, but the twist is… I won’t give it away but you can probably guess. And the predictability for me overshadowed the kooky variety of the three stories because I knew none of it mattered. 

I loved the range of artists who drew this one. Wilfredo Torres, Francesco Francavilla and James Stokoe each lend their own unique drawing styles to each different storyline with series regular Greg Smallwood jumping in at the end. Barring Torres, the other three artists are among my favourites currently working and the comic looks fan-dabby-dozy as a result. 

Lemire’s story though… eh. It’s been done and done frankly too many times for this character. As far as this kind of story goes though, it’s done very well, I just wish there was more to it. We get it, Moon Knight’s a nutter, can we please move past that and put him in actual stories, like perhaps continuing the storyline set up in the first book?? 

Moon Knight, Volume 2: Reincarnations lacks a substantive story but has enough going on to more-or-less hold your interest and the art is brilliant for the most part. I’m still interested in the title and hopeful that the next book will be better but I’m not sure if Jeff Lemire’s going to produce the goods for mad old Moony.

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