Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Unworthy Thor Review (Jason Aaron, Olivier Coipel)

Ye gods this one’s been a long time coming! THREE BLUMMIN YEARS AGO in the Original Sin event, Nick Fury whispered something to Thor who immediately became “unworthy” and therefore unable to lift Mjolnir the hammer. A lady (I won’t spoil her identity in case you’re not caught up) picked up Mjolnir and became the new God of Thunder. Jason Aaron finally reveals what Fury whispered in The Unworthy Thor - and thankfully it was worth the wait! 

Well, the reveal is satisfying, and the question of whether or not Thor will be worthy again at the end of this book is kinda exciting. When he walks up to the hammer at last and grips the handle - will his hammer take him back, will he be the God of Thunder once more? The thing is that cool stuff, the reason many readers will be picking this up, could be done in a single issue and this book is five issues long, so a lot of this is uninteresting filler. 

The Collector and Thanos also want Mjolnir and so Thor, joined by Beta Ray Bill for no reason, have to fight them and blah blah blah - it’s not tense or gripping in the least. We know they’ll never be able to lift it; I mean if Thor’s unworthy then those creeps definitely are too, so it’s a moot point - they’re just there to give Thor something to do. And we didn’t really need to catch up with what Unworthy Thor’s been up to anyway which is just drinking and fighting. The padding is unentertaining rubbish. 

Olivier Coipel’s art is looking a little worse for wear these days - it’s a lot scratchier in this book than its been in the past. There are some minor developments in the overall Thor storyline which are probably included to make those readers following Aaron’s Thor run read this even though it’s not very good - I didn’t care about who the mysterious new Watcher is or who Thanos is getting jiggy with these days. 

The fifth and final issue of this miniseries is unfortunately the only part that’s worth reading - The Unworthy Thor is an aptly named book.

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