Tuesday, 25 July 2017

If My Dogs Were a Pair of Middle-Aged Men Review (Matthew Inman, The Oatmeal)

Hurray! Matthew “The Oatmeal” Inman is back with another fantastic and funny pet-themed comic book, If My Dogs Were a Pair of Middle-Aged Men. 

The observations aren’t at all original and any dog owners will be familiar with them: freaking out when you leave, losing their shit when someone knocks on the door, playing with squeaky toys, and eating like slobs, to name a few. 

But what makes this book special and uniquely hilarious is Matt’s dogs are envisioned as two fat old men: one who looks like Uncle Fester and one who looks like Ignatius J. Reilly! 

Watching this pair of lunatics doing everyday doggy things is ludicrously funny - I was laughing the whole way through! Kudos to Matt for such an inspired concept. It helps that Matt is a super-talented cartoonist who knows how to perfectly sell the jokes in comics format. 

At under 40 pages, this one’s a lot shorter than his other books but it’s an ideal gift book for dog owners and/or fans of The Oatmeal. As both of those things, I loved it - an excellent comedy read and highly recommended for anyone looking for a chuckle!

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