Saturday, 15 July 2017

Boy's Club by Matt Furie Review

I think most people are familiar with Pepe the Frog at this point. He figured heavily in the 2016 Election as a meme and his grinning mug has become a symbol of the amorphously-defined “alt-right”. Matt Furie’s stoner comic Boy’s Club is where he originated and I picked it up out of curiosity for what the comics this character featured in were like. That was definitely one of the worst decisions I’ve made in some time - Boy’s Club is 10000% utter dogshit. 

These are the kinds of stories Pepe and his three friends get up to: getting high, watching TV, playing video games, saying TV catchphrases, and puking. There are three “stories” where they fart on each other and the longest story here (all the others are one-pagers) is about one of them taking a huge dump, freezing it and taking a picture of it. How’re your sides - they split yet?

How wasted, how bereft of any semblance of intelligence would you have to be to find this stuff remotely amusing? I can’t stress enough the inanity of reading these worthless comics. I don’t know how this even got published in the first place - these are fucking horrible! 

I know Furie’s pissed that his creation has become a right-wing symbol and he futilely tried putting an end to it by killing off Pepe on Free Comic Book Day earlier this year, but, dude, come on - do you really think you control the character anymore? Pepe belongs to the internet now. And frankly Furie should be thankful that 4chan ran with his shitty character and made him famous otherwise NO-ONE would ever have read his rubbish book! If he had any business acumen he’d slap Pepe on a bunch of t-shirts and make a mint out of this momentary interest.

Boy’s Club is one of the worst comics I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. Don’t do what I did and let curiosity make you buy a copy, even if it’s heavily discounted - hell, even if it’s fucking free. It’s beyond absolute garbage.

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