Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Deadpool, Volume 11: Dead Review (Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi)

Daniel Way closes out his epic Deadpool run with this final bumper 14-issue volume (usually that’s about three books’ worth of comics!). Unfortunately it’s a case of quantity over quality. 

Deadpool’s had enough and wants to die once and for all. He discovers a serum that’ll disable his healing factor, make him mortal and allow him to die - but will he go through with it? This is answered immediately with a resounding NO as he goes on a few more pointless adventures and that’s it. 

The whole “Deadpool wants to die” storyline was stupid and pointless from the start. It’s not as if Marvel would kill off one of their most popular characters so it was never going to stick. It’s not even interesting to read about: Deadpool and a raft of characters fight. Wow… And Deadpool’s attitude changes on a dime - I want to die! Now I want to live! How contrived can you get? 

For absolutely no reason the serum not only makes him mortal but handsome as well. This is equally pointless as Way does nothing with the “handsome Deadpool” angle. The second half stories feel like Way thumbing through the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and tossing in obscure characters because he’s bored - though maybe I’m just projecting my own boredom onto his uninspired writing! 

Some of the art is good - Carlo Barberi makes a welcome, if all-too-brief return, and Dave Johnson’s covers have been consistently high quality throughout the series - and we get to see Deadpool’s cunning, which is often glossed over in favour of his clownishness, so that was a nice change of pace. Yeah, not a lot of great stuff to say about this one! 

Daniel Way should’ve ended his run a few books earlier because volumes like Dead just read like the dull, meandering filler that they are. Which is a shame because the series started so, so well. I definitely recommend the first two-thirds of Way’s Deadpool but not the final third. Dead is dead crap.

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