Friday, 7 July 2017

Mockingbird, Volume 2: My Feminist Agenda Review (Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk)

Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk’s second and final Mockingbird book is for no good reason very, very loosely tied into Civil War II. I suppose why not? This title is so directionless it’s not hard to see why it got cancelled so early on!

Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird goes on a cruise to meet an informant who might have information to help her ex-husband, Hawkeye, who’s on trial for getting into some shit in Civil War II. But craaaaaazy hijinks ensue as Bobbi gets roped into a wacky murder mystery! … meh.

The story is utterly pointless and unentertaining. I guess this book is aimed at the Unbearable Squirrel Girl crowd because Cain goes for “WOAH SO ZANY AND RANDOM QUIRKY JOKES WOOOAH!!*&!”-type humour that comes off as forced and unfunny. Look – madcap yoga poses! Characters’ favourite drinks! Different types of footprints! Some types of knots! A flowchart…?! And a corgi convention that’s gonna be a hilarious running gag!

Eesh… it reads like a rejected Archer subplot. I couldn’t have cared less who killed the stupid informant and the “villain” fight at the end was embarrassing.

Kate Niemczyk’s art is fantastic and the layouts are really imaginative, recalling the vision that David Aja brought to Hawkeye, but it’s not enough to make reading this worth anyone’s time.

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