Sunday, 4 December 2016

Venom: Space Knight, Volume 1: Agent of the Cosmos Review (Robbie Thompson, Ariel Olivetti)

Flash Thompson is Venom, a character with two titles for some reason: Space Knight and Agent of the Cosmos! Here’s a third one: Weak Solo Character! 

Flash (ah-ahhhh!) is superheroing around the universe without the Guardians of the Galaxy, fighting generic evil aliens and helping out a space panda find her space panda kid in a generic action hero storyline. Joining Flash (ah-ahhhh!) is a suicidal robot who’s definitely not a ripoff of Douglas Adams’ Marvin the Paranoid Android. 

Besides writing a dull, unengaging and formulaic story, Robbie Thompson also writes Flash (ah-ahhhh!) like any other Marvel main character. He could be Star-Lord or Tony Stark or Peter Parker - Marvel really does have a type when it comes to leading men (same could be said about the movies). 

I liked Ariel Olivetti’s polished, almost 3D-looking artwork a bit and the various alien worlds Flash (ah-ahhhh!) visited were visually beguiling but the narrative was boring and derivative. Venom continues to be an uninteresting character to read about.

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