Thursday, 8 December 2016

Deadpool, Volume 10: Evil Deadpool Review (Daniel Way, Salvador Espin)

I always wondered what happened to the body parts inevitably chopped off of Deadpool - do they just die and rot while his original body regrows them or does an entire body regrow from those pieces? Well, turns out if you get enough pieces together, they congeal into a whole new Deadpool: Evil Deadpool! 

I think Daniel Way’s about done with the title at this point. Evil Deadpool is a largely uninteresting read where Deadpool and his Evil clone battle across New York. ‘splosions and whatnot occur, Cap shows up, but it’s very dull, pointless stuff. 

Deadpool’s on a heroic kick so it’s kinda funny when he realises Evil Deadpool is trying to tear down his rep and decides to preempt him by doing it himself! Which of course means strapping on a bomb and kidnapping a child in Times Square - great thinking, Wade, that’s a helluva lot of sense you had to dodge to arrive at that conclusion! 

There’s also a musical issue which sounds better than it actually is. It summarises Way’s Deadpool run to various songs but if you don’t know what they sound like you won’t hear them in your head so you end up just reading weirdly written dialogue. It’s yet another reason why music and comics don’t work together at all. 

Evil Deadpool is Daniel Way struggling to keep the title going but it’s clear that there’s very little gas left in the tank. It’s not a great addition to the series and it’s easy to see why Way bailed after the next volume.

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