Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Batman: Heart of Hush Review (Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen)

Hush sucks. Not even one of the greatest Batman writers ever, Paul Dini, can make him good! 

Heart of Hush explores Tommy Elliot’s origins in slightly more detail than elsewhere though his motivation remains his jealousy of Bruce Wayne - live your own life, Tommy! 

He performs surgery on himself to look like Bruce (hence the bandages) and he has guns he likes to shoot. What a terrible character, I really don’t understand why anyone would like him. In between the dull flashbacks to the past, in the present he’s going after Bruce’s nearest and dearest because he wants to hurt Bruce - that’s it, just hurt Bruce. Such a weak plot! 

Dustin Nguyen’s art though is killer. It’s really tight and on point, I loved it. Usually Dini at least matches his collaborators’ efforts but he falls way short on this one. Heart of Hush is pants - no more Hush comics, please!

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