Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Ghost Rider, Volume 4: Revelations Review (Daniel Way, Javier Saltares)

Johnny Blaze prepares for the final battle against Lucifer’s two remaining avatars just as a pair of celestial angels appear with some surprising news about the Ghost Rider…

Daniel Way’s Ghost Rider ends on a fittingly mediocre note as the whole four-volume run has only ever been average at best. The repetitive and unexciting hunt for Lucifer’s avatars has never felt very exciting or developed beyond Ghost Rider destroying any and all of them without any real trouble. 

And Lucifer himself has been an oddly stereotypical and predictable character. He just wants to kill and cause mayhem and seems happy to be a static target for our hero - not the most compelling portrayal of this classic character. 

There’s also an embarrassingly one-dimensional sex object called Dixie who’s just there to pose with hot pants and tank tops for her huge rack and nipples poking through when Johnny’s not porking her! 

And the angel characters were poorly written - they deliver some info to the Ghost Rider but I wasn’t clear how we were supposed to feel about them. Apparently they’re baddies because Ghost Rider sets off to hunt them down after this. Uh, ok. They seemed like allies for this one but alright. 

That said, this is a smooth read - it’s a fast-moving story and the action is fun and drawn very well by the art team. It’s definitely very shallow action but I was ok with it because it was still entertainIng. 

If you’re after a great Ghost Rider series, my rec is still Jason Aaron’s run but you could definitely do worse than Daniel Way’s. Keep them expectations low and you might get something out of his Ghost Rider!

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