Monday, 19 December 2016

Deadpool V Gambit: The "V" is for "Vs." Review (Ben Acker, Ben Blacker)

Deadpool v Gambit is like the comics version of what I imagine a Tyler Perry/Madea movie to be: so unfunny the word “comedy” shouldn’t be allowed within 100 feet of it, and punishment more than entertainment. 

Deadpool and Gambit team up to make money on a convoluted scheme involving some Kung Fu dude, Florida swampland, the World Tree and Loki. They also briefly fight at the beginning to justify the “v” in the title. It’s a mess. Everything - everything! - was garbage about this one. 

And let’s talk about the supposed “two” writers of this comic: Ben Blacker and Ben Acker. My red hairy bum there are two real people named that who just happened to work on this tripe together! It was probably Ben Acker misspelling his name but forgetting to cross out his first effort. Do I think Ben Acker is that stupid? If you foolishly decide to read this book, tell me you can’t imagine him sitting in his broken La-Z-Boy wearing an adult Depends watching NASCAR and drooling into his KFC Family Bucket/lover for later on! 

Like the Madea movies, Marvel know there’s a ready audience of Deadpool suckers fans out there who read anything with him in regardless, so the hell with quality control! I almost feel like this was a test: “If they buy Deadpool teamed up with… hmm, who’s the character nobody gives a crap about and isn’t Hawkman because DC owns him… Gambit! If they go for that, we can team Deadpool up with anyone. Even…”

I’m calling it now - Deadpool/Madea coming soon!

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