Saturday, 31 December 2016

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7 Review (Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello)

Batman’s been shot! Is he gonna die? Pfft. But tell that to the rubes in this comic - they’re all mourning him as if he’s not gonna get a last minute save like he always does! Meanwhile Quar doubles down on the stupid by targeting Superman/Wonder Woman’s son, setting up the final issue’s conflict: Amazons v Kandorians. 

This was such a pointless issue from a storytelling perspective as barely anything happens, and the solution to Batman’s seemingly mortal wound was so uninspired; from DC’s perspective though an extra Dark Knight issue means extra dollah dollahs! 

Besides setting up this arc’s long drawn-out finale, there’s a Green Lantern subplot/backup which is even more boring and pointless - unless it turns out he has a part to play in the conclusion, though his story in this series still hasn’t been interesting at all. 

The art team of Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson and Brad Anderson produce some fantabulous-looking pages as Superman flies Batman across scenic landscapes back to health. But this whole issue felt like padding - a superfluous issue to a story that feels like it should be over by now. Sigh… one more issue to go...

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