Thursday, 29 December 2016

Batman Beyond: 10,000 Clowns Review (Adam Beechen, Norm Breyfogle)

I’m Kevin Roberts and I have a very important question: can a bitch get a good Batman Beyond book!?

I’m about ready to give up on this character. Batman Beyond looks cool and a futuristic Batman series sounds like a roundhouse kick straight to the awesome but I haven’t read a single comic with this dude that’s halfway decent.

A cult of morons influenced by the Joker led by an uncharismatic King Joker decides to suicide bomb New Gotham for shits and gigs – Terry McGinnis/Batman Beyond’s gotta do what he can. Cue pointless ‘sposions, oh the humanity, Batman defeats King Joker. Predictable, archetypical, boring stuff.

There’s a storyline featuring someone called Mad Stan who likes bombs and little dogs which was pointless and stupid, a subplot with some lady doing stuff on a computer that goes nowhere, Terry’s got girl problems (yawn), and a crap new vigilante character imaginatively called Vigilante who flies around like the tool he is. There’s also a Joe Chill issue that underlines the derivative nature of Batman Beyond – does every single aspect of this series have to be like the original Batman’s?! Why can’t some of it just be uniquely its own?

Bruce Wayne’s suffering from liver failure but I didn’t care. I just don’t think Bruce should even be alive in this series – he’s too old, he’s way too beat up, it’s crazy that he’d still be going at all. The best part of the book was Dick Grayson (who looks like he’s cosplaying as Nick Fury) – he should’ve been Terry’s mentor! He kicks butt, he looks awesome, he’s great. It’s a shame Tim Drake turned into such a pussy when he got older though.

Norm Breyfogle’s art is very blah, Adam Beechen’s writing is ordinary and the story was barely entertaining. 10,000 clowns but a good comic ain’t one!

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