Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Batman: Detective Comics, Volume 8: Blood of Heroes Review (Peter Tomasi, Francis Manapul)

Oh kee-rist, get the puke bags ready - he’s not on the cover (probably a strategic choice) but this is a Mecha-Batman/Jim Gordon book. Bleurgh! Blood of Heroes is the crappiest Detective Comics volume in some time. 

Francis Manapul closes out his run on the title with a convoluted Harvey Bullock-centric story (yippee…) where the Falcones are tryna knock off all the clean cops in the GCPD using some Grim Fandango cosplayers and Bullock’s girlfriend is sorta involved. The low point was Joker’s Daughter - no, not her very presence, which would be bad enough, but her stupid, stupid giant robot outfit! What a disaster! 

Peter Tomasi takes over for the second half of the book, writing a contrived and silly murder mystery where the Justice League need Gordon’s detective skills to figure out who done killed a monster in the middle of nowhere. It makes the League look like incapable retarded babies that they needed Gordon at all. 

The book ends with a random Ray Fawkes-scripted issue of Robin War. Get more bags, the puke is running over!! 

I can’t think of a single positive thing to say about this one. Even the art was shitty as hell! This Detective Comics series was never good but I didn’t expect it to get this bad. I haven’t read the Rebirth Detective Comics but it’s got to be an improvement over this boring rubbish.

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