Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Eclipse, Volume 1 Review (Zack Kaplan, Giovanni Timpano)

Ten years ago a solar flare turned the sun’s rays into instant death to humans. Now humanity surfaces at night and lives underground during the day with engineers called Icemen going out during the daylight in special suits to carry out works, etc. Suddenly a mysterious hooded man who can withstand the sunlight seems to be executing specific people by leaving them unprotected outside for the sun to melt - but why? David Baxter, an Iceman, is hired by his company’s boss – who’s on the hit list - to find out.

Eclipse has an original premise, the world building is strong and convincing and Giovanni Timpano’s art is fantastic, an excellent mix of Moebius and John Cassaday’s styles. For the most part though, Zack Kaplan’s story is underwhelming and forgettable. 

Bax is a very dull main character with the personality of a rock. “Stoic” is not compelling and whether we’re following him in the present day or the past, he’s never interesting. Nor is the villain much better. His motivations are vague and silly - I really hate when the villain turns out to just be some raving looney; it’s so lazy and makes the whole story feel pointless.

Eclipse is a cool sci-fi idea with potential and a fine artist but it’s let down by uninteresting characters and a poorly written and unengaging murder mystery for its first arc.

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