Monday, 5 December 2016

Deadpool, Volume 9: Institutionalized Review (Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi)

Man, you set off just a few nukes in a battle with the Hulk over the American heartland and people start calling you irresponsible and crazy! That’s what happened to Deadpool as he’s carted off across the pond to a British nuthouse. Why? His shrink’s in love with him. Hmm, maybe she should be one of the inmates!

Daniel Way’s Deadpool run is like a rollercoaster in terms of quality. After a couple of good books, woooah, back down to crap, then up we go again, comics are improving before wooooah the drop back down to crap! Unfortunately Institutionalized is down there with the Vegas book as one of the worst entries in the series. 

The crazy psychiatrist falling for Wade story wasn’t funny and there wasn’t much else besides that. Even Deadpool’s bored and spends portions of the book chain-napping! The decent part came at the end, not just for signalling that this crap was over, but because it sets up a tantalising new character for the next book. That and Carlo Barberi’s art were the only pluses of this comic for me. 

Deadpool, Volume 9: Institutionalized is enough to drive you crazy with boredom - a disappointing effort from Daniel Way.

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