Saturday, 10 December 2016

1872: Warzones! Review (Gerry Duggan, Nik Virella)

Marvel superheroes dress up in 1872 cowboys and injuns cosplay - yee-haw! The corrupt Wilson Fisk rules the frontier town of Timely but a gathering of heroes, led by Sheriff Steve Rogers, are fixin’ to bring justice to the west.

I don’t get the appeal of this one unless you’re a Western fan who just wants the standard Western story again. It’s the most generic Western storyline ever but with Marvel characters playing out the roles. What am I missing?? 

Given that Timely is a reference to Marvel Comics’ Golden Age incarnation before they became Marvel Comics, I was expecting (in between yawns) to see a few ancient characters cameo but Captain America was the only Timely Comics character to appear in the story. I double-checked and found that Timely even had a cowboy character called Masked Raider who would’ve been a perfect fit for this one! Wasted opportunity. 

I suppose Nik Virella’s art is ok but Gerry Duggan’s script is so pedestrian and forgettable. Remember that Noir line Marvel ran a few years ago which set its characters in the early 20th century and made their powers more “real-world”? I think that audience might get a kick out of this as it’s a similar approach. 1872 is another missable, crappy Secret Wars tie-in.

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