Wednesday, 27 July 2016

We Are Robin, Volume 1: The Vigilante Business Review (Lee Bermejo, Jorge Corona)

There’s a scene in Batman: Endgame where Batman saves a kid from a Joker zombie mob - who knew THAT was the impetus behind this We Are Robin series?! Unsurprisingly, the flimsiest of premises makes for a pretty crap book. 

Some teenagers decide to call themselves Robin and run around the city doing vigilante stuff. There’s a Talon (from the Court of Owls storyline) with a giant sickle who’s created this underground group of homeless worshippers… for reasons… and that’s it. Rubbish! 

Who are these kids? How did they meet? Why do they think being a vigilante is easy? These are just ordinary kids! How are they not getting their butts handed to them every single time they set foot into Gotham’s shadows?! I suppose in a city where the likes of Jason Todd and Tim Drake saw Batman & Robin and thought, “Me too!”, there were bound to be a few more wannabes who thought the same way. But still, these kids are not convincing heroes in the least and this setup is garbage. 

The story is nonsense, the characters are poorly written and the formation of this Robin group is anyone’s guess – I suppose DC just wanted another Bat-title! Disappointingly, Alfred got dragged into this travesty too. Jorge Corona’s art isn’t anything special and the one issue James Harvey drew was painful to look at, the art was so busy. 

We Are Morons is a terrible series. Lee Bermejo continues to prove he’s a fine artist (the covers are great) but he isn’t anywhere as good when it comes to writing.

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