Monday, 4 July 2016

Ordinary Review (Rob Williams, D'Israeli)

A single dad wakes up to find everyone in the world has superpowers - except him. 

The premise is kinda interesting but unfortunately the execution isn’t. The story becomes the Hollywood cliche of the father trying to find his son while the superpowers aren’t anything anyone who reads Marvel/DC regularly hasn’t seen before already. The ending is very rushed too with everything wrapped up too neatly given the “global chaos” that’d been unleashed just a handful of pages earlier.

D’Israeli’s art isn’t bad but I’ve never loved it. It’s a little simplistic and, well, ordinary compared to vastly more exciting artists out there like Tradd Moore, Frank Quitely, Mike Allred, or Russell Dauterman, to name just a few who produce memorable, unique work. 

Even at three issues long Ordinary feels like it’s over-stretched at exploring such a simple concept. It’s a twist on the superhero comic but, going by this, it’s also not that complex or rich an idea either. Maybe seeing the President’s inner thoughts as solid external thought bubbles is amusing but I didn’t find anything in this one that funny or clever. 

Ordinary might have been a good idea in concept but the book it turned out to be is aptly named.

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