Sunday, 31 July 2016

Avengers A.I., Volume 1: Human After All Review (Sam Humphries, Andre Lima Araujo)

Spinning out of Age of Ultron, this is Avengers A.I, an Avengers squad made up mostly of robots: Hank Pym, the human genius of the group who created Ultron; The Vision, an android created by Ultron; Victor Mancha, Vision’s brother; a Doombot (because why not); and a new character called Alexis. They must defeat the evil Dimitrios, a futuristic AI inhabiting an Iron Man armour!

It’s weird how a unique group like Avengers AI show up and out of nowhere a threat appears that they would be ideal to fight! Yeah it’s pretty contrived to say the least, but in that way that all superhero stories are - a villain conveniently rocks up to battle the newly-arrived hero. 

Is this series any good? It’s… meh. I didn’t dislike it but it’s not that great either. I liked that Sam Humphries made Hank bipolar, giving his character more depth, but couldn’t care less about this new Alexis character who was just whatever the plot needed her to be in the moment. Doombot’s the funny comic relief and the visuals of Vision fighting Dimitrios in cyberspace was cool. 

But generally the story just didn’t grab me. I was never lost in it, I was always very aware that I was reading. Plus Dimitrios is your garden-variety baddie - “Mwahaha, let’s destroy humanity!” etc. - which was plain cornballs. 

Human After All is competently put together with the writing and art but it’s not a memorable or exciting story at all. Avengers AI is a decent team book but it’s definitely no must-read title.

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