Sunday, 3 July 2016

Tales From Beyond Science Review (Mark Millar, Rian Hughes)

Tales From Beyond Science is an anthology of short comics that originally ran in one of 2000AD’s publications from the early ‘90s, written by Mark Millar, John Smith and Alan McKenzie and drawn by Rian Hughes. 

They’re basically like the Twilight Zone in content featuring “weird” stories about a guy whose music lyrics become reality, the dead calling from beyond the grave, the missing 13th month, and the man who created outer space, to name just a few. Despite their unusual concepts though these aren’t very interesting stories and, less than 24 hours after finishing this book, I’ve already forgotten most of what I’ve read! 

Rian Hughes’ art though is very good (think Darwyn Cooke in style) and his overall design of the book is clever, mixing fictional and real ads from pulpy magazines to divide up the stories.

If you’re a Millar fan, he only writes half the stories here and they’re a long way from his best efforts so it’s not really worth it. I can see why Tales From Beyond Science is among Mark Millar’s least known books!

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