Sunday, 24 July 2016

Giant Days, Volume 3 Review (John Allison, Max Sarin)

Giant Days gets political as cub reporter Ed Gemmell unearths scandal involving the Student President! As a new election brews, Susan becomes obsessed with toppling future toff Presidential Candidates – to the detriment of her relationship with McGraw. Who can rescue her from the mysterious Night World? Esther! Who can rescue Susan and Esther from the mysterious Night World? Daisy! 

Ed gets some much deserved time in the spotlight in this volume, temporarily getting over Esther and falling for editor Amanda, a third year student, but being humiliated in the process - poor bastard! It ends well though once Esther’s townie friend Big Lindsay stops by for a visit. And it says a lot about John Allison’s writing ability when he can introduce a new character as a caricature and turn her into a realistic, relatable person whom the reader adores within a single issue! 

Things shift back to the girls in the second half of the book as Susan enters the Night World, a place inhabited by sleep-deprived students, after working too hard on the student president campaign and keeping up with her medical studies at the same time. I loved how Max Sarin drew the warped, carnival mirror-esque sequences and how Esther made her way into that world. 

The book ends with the girls going camping and there’s a lovely scene where Susan and “McGraw” (you’ll see) make their peace. And that final page is a sucker punch – you’re deffo gonna want to have the next book to hand to see what happens next! 

Giant Days continues to be the most wonderful comic with another stonkingly good volume – recommended reading for everyone!

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