Monday, 11 July 2016

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Volume 5 Review (Ron Marz, Cully Hamner)

Legends of the Dark Knight really has become the dumping ground for awful Batman stories. There’s nothing in this half-assed collection that’s worth reading by anyone, Batman fan or no. 

This volume has a campy horror theme for no reason. There’s a terrible Frankenstein story, an even worse vampire story, some trash about a guy who burns people in revenge, and a story about an Edgar Allan Poe impersonator with a posse of Poe’s characters who want to kill Batman. 

And did someone say Batman Forever callback? Hells no? Well, you’re getting one anyway! There’s a story featuring Dr Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman’s character) who correctly psycho-analyses Batman and Riddler. That one literally put me to sleep! The book closes out with a coma-starter about how Robin and Batgirl aren’t as good as Batman - duuuhh! 

This whole book is garbage from start to finish - don’t bother, and approach any Legends of the Dark Knight comic with wariness!

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