Saturday, 9 July 2016

Black Knight: The Fall of Dane Whitman Review (Frank Tieri, Luca Pizzari)

Dane Whitman is the Black Knight and now ruler of New Avalon on Weirdworld. But the Uncanny Avengers want to take away Dane’s sword for reasons and he doesn’t want to give up his sword. Dunce battles dunce until stupidity triumphs! 

I don’t really understand the Black Knight character - does he want to be the Black Knight or not? His magic sword, the Ebony Blade, is apparently cursed and turns you into an addict a la Tolkien’s One Ring except it doesn’t bestow any actual powers, so… why would anyone want it? Ach, it doesn’t matter, dreary Dane and everything about his world sucks. 

The plot is really dull - Dane stabs someone and runs off, Avengers follow, they all somehow wind up in Weirdworld - and jumps around horribly so it’s set in the past for a couple pages, then the present, then back in the past again, and so on. The artwork is no great shakes and the only positive of adding the Uncanny Avengers is Deadpool livening up the extremely boring story whenever he’s around. 

It’s easy to see why this got cancelled after five issues - I’ve never read a Black Knight comic before and I never will again!

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