Monday, 25 July 2016

Deadpool: Monkey Business Review (Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi)

A legendary gun-for-hire is in New York City, killing targets and making Spider-Man nervous. Also Deadpool’s in town to have a team-up for shits and giggles and eat tons of hot dogs for the same reason. But if this super-assassin isn’t the Merc with a Mouth, who could it be? It’s a monkey, but not just any monkey: Hit-Monkey! 

Deadpool: Monkey Business is so much silly fun! I’ve never heard of Hit-Monkey before but he’s a great, cute character who manages to brew up some challenging carnage for Spidey and ‘pool to keep the reader entertained. 

Daniel Way writes Deadpool perfectly and I loved how in one scene Wade randomly rocks up in a sexy maid outfit and no-one says anything - Spidey just accepts that’s how Deadpool rolls! The two characters have great chemistry too - it’s rare that Spidey’s the one getting rubbed the wrong way, and it’s funny to see him be the wound-up one for a change!

Also included is a one issue story where Deadpool deals with corrupt redneck cops in a small town that was just ok but didn’t compare well to the brilliance that preceded it. I also really didn’t care for Tan Eng Huat’s weirdly rubbery artwork. The book closes out with Hit-Monkey’s origins which are as bizarre as you’d expect for a character called Hit-Monkey! 

This one’s a super-entertaining read - a fast-moving, amusing action romp that makes it easy to see why Marvel have recently paired up Deadpool and Spidey again for their own series. Don’t monkey around - check out Deadpool: Monkey Business if you haven’t already!

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