Monday, 11 July 2016

Ms Marvel, Volume 5: Super Famous Review (G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa)

8 months after the last volume…

The end of the world came and went with Secret Wars leaving Earth more-or-less the same as it was before. Also intact is G. Willow Wilson’s Ms Marvel series which thankfully remains awesome! 

Except some things have changed. Love is in the air as Kamala’s best friend Bruno has moved on after she turned him down and begun dating a girl called Mike, much to Kamala’s dismay, while her brother Aamir decides to get married. Oh yeah, and Kamala’s gone from writing Avengers fanfic in the first book to now being an Avenger herself! But can she handle the added responsibility? 

The relaunched Ms Marvel effortlessly picks up after the last book, despite the intrusive Secret Wars interlude, showing its resilience in being event-proof - yay! Super Famous is divided into two story arcs, the first of which has a real estate company, Hope Yards Development & Relocation Association (take the first letter of each word to see who it really is), gentrify large areas of Jersey City, jacking up most residents’ rents to unaffordable levels all while unofficially using Ms Marvel as their mascot. 

Takeshi Miyazawa, who drew Volume 3, returns to draw most of this arc and his art is once again beautiful. I also liked that original series artist Adrian Alphona returned briefly to draw Bruno and Mike’s meet-cute flashback and that Loki’s adorable lightning golems are still hanging around Kamala’s school too. The main story itself though… ehh, Wilson’s done better. 

The second arc sees Kamala overwhelmed with her responsibilities at school, home, and as a superhero, so she uses a 3D printer and Bruno’s knowledge (he’s suddenly a super-genius!) to make clones of herself to handle things… because there’s no way that scheme could go belly-up, right?! It’s a fun storyline that feels like early Spider-Man when Peter was juggling school, a part-time job and being Spidey all at once. It also has a Civil War II tease with the tension between Iron Man and Captain Marvel, and Aamir’s wedding is really sweet. Nico Leon’s art is great and reminded me a bit of Alphona’s style too. 

Super Famous sees Kamala emerge unscathed from the madness of Battleworld, retaining the charm, inventiveness and top quality writing and art that’s made Ms Marvel one of Marvel’s best titles these past couple years. Fans won’t be disappointed with this embiggening addition to the series!

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