Thursday, 28 July 2016

Captain America: Sam Wilson, Volume 1: Not My Captain America Review (Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna)

Hurrah, Rick Remender’s finally left Captain America! So is Nick Spencer’s series better? Nah, unfortunately it’s the same shit quality with a different writer. 

Sam Wilson is Captain America (though hopefully not for much longer) and is looking for some random granny’s grandson who’s been taken by the Sons of the Serpent. Wow, really - that was the best they could come up with?! Meanwhile, the Serpents have become a business consulting company, Serpent Solutions, in a clumsy critique of the 1%. Boredom ensues for the entirety of the book and then it’s over. 

The stupidity begins right from the get-go. Why the hell is a character who’s known for flying taking a commercial plane?! It makes no sense, especially as the experience is a miserable one for him (and everyone else who’s ever flown in America)! After enough bullhonky, he jumps out and flies away – like he should’ve done from the beginning!!! 

The weak, utterly unengaging story rambles on with the only bright spot being the return of Cap-Wolf (Sam is transformed into a wolf) - a random call-back but I’ll take it. Misty Knight does nothing in this book besides strike some Foxy Brown-esque poses for no reason, and there’s some drivel about Cap’s approval ratings. Who. Fucking. Cares. 

Spencer’s writing style is maddening. He overwrites like crazy and nearly every page is crammed with worthless, extraneous exposition. Diamondback’s backstory was pointless - just more criticism of America’s terrible healthcare system, I get it - as was so much of the Serpent Solutions crap, which was also more anti-1% shit. I agree, fuck those rich bastards but why do we need to read so much tedious waffle about stocks and contracts?! 

Too much of that nonsense added nothing to the book anyway making it slow and clunky to read with no flow to it. I found myself sighing every time I turned the page to be confronted with another page overloaded with dialogue and captions, none of which were worth the effort of reading. Spencer’s writing style made me want to bash my head against a wall more than once! 

Sam just isn’t an interesting character. He wasn’t interesting as Cap when Remender wrote him, he’s equally uninteresting with Spencer writing him. No, he’s Not My Captain America, but is he anyone’s? The dude is so plain and dull, even as Cap-Wolf! That’s it, I can’t read any more Sam Wilson as Captain America comics, they’re just the worst!

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