Saturday, 18 June 2016

Vote Loki #1 Review (Christopher Hastings, Langdon Foss)

It’s nearly that time again when a small percentage of Americans argue over which of the two Illuminati-controlled figureheads will enforce the status quo for the next four years while everyone else burps and carries on with their lives. What better time to do a story about Loki running for office? 

Hydra attacks a political gathering where Loki (surrounded by plenty of cameras) is conveniently around to stop them. Couple that act of heroism with a straight-talking style the public find refreshing and it isn’t long before his star begins to rise and talk of a presidential campaign gains momentum…! 

I’d hoped Vote Loki #1 would be subversive and satirical, or at the very least amusing, but unfortunately it’s none of those things. Christopher Hastings doesn’t write a great Loki and, rather than coming across as charming with a devil-may-care attitude, he seems fake and cheesy in a really obvious way making his popularity spike feel all the more implausible. 

His line about “lying to your face” if he was President isn’t very good either. The satire is definitely diluted by Trump’s electioneering and barmy ramblings this past year – Loki’s brashness and inappropriate candidacy can’t come close to his! 

I’m a fan of Langdon Foss’ art but he’s done better elsewhere. Maybe it’s the time constraints but nothing about his work on this issue really jumped out at me in the way that it did on Get Jiro! Even Tradd Moore’s cover – another artist I love – is pretty average. 

Vote Loki #1 is Marvel at capitalising on the election with a rushed and superficial cash-grab. It doesn’t say anything original or clever about American politics and is a weak satirical effort that also isn’t interesting to read – don’t vote for Loki!

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