Monday, 20 June 2016

The Sixth Gun, Volume 8: Hell and High Water Review (Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt)

The Sixth Gun Volume 8 sees The Grey Witch Griselda finally unite the six guns and open the seal to bring about Armageddon. So it’s the end of the series? Nope! It’s the end of… er… the first “season”? Because the main cast are still around and have moved on to the next level or something. Well, Hell and High Water was such a crap finale I think this might be the end of The Sixth Gun for me at any rate.

The first half of the book isn’t interesting at all as we’re forced to wait for our heroes to fight Griselda who’s hanging fire on opening the seal for some reason. The second half is the unexciting battle between the two sides. 

What’s worse is that when the fighting begins the narration is completely detached from what’s happening on the page. It’s such a bad choice by Cullen Bunn because it takes the reader out of the present, boring us with information we already know like the six guns’ powers (how many times must we be reminded?!) and the various characters’ stories thus far. And it goes on and on for the entire battle! 

Brian Hurtt’s art is as top-notch as it’s been throughout the series and I liked the design of the King of Secrets even if he was an entirely needless character. His vision for the apocalypse is so mundane though – Biblical flooding? Snore. 

The Sixth Gun is a good series but it (sort of) ends on such a disappointingly dull note. Rather than having me anticipating the next stage of the series, I’m happy to hang up these six shooters instead.

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