Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Deadpool, Volume 1: Millionaire with a Mouth Review (Gerry Duggan, Mike Hawthorne)

Ever since Deadpool was made an Avenger (do they turn away anyone?!) his real world popularity has translated to the Marvel U’s as well and he’s been making a buck on his image selling all kindsa crap with his face on - he’s become the Merch with a Mouth! He’s so in demand he’s even hired a group of Marvel’s least-loved characters to put on his outfit and pretend to be him on merc missions and public appearances: Deadpool’s Heroes for Hire! And then “Deadpool” starts murdering government officials. What’s bad about that? “Deadpool’s” doing it for free! This wannabe’s crossed the line… 

Longtime Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Hawthorne try out a new situation for everyone’s favourite regeneratin’ degenerate by making him rich and famous… and it’s just sorta ok. 

Out of Deadpool’s Heroes for Hire, I only recognised a couple characters - Madcap and Foolkiller (he kills fools. With a walking stick. For realsies!) - but they’re meant to be super obscure picks. Completing the lineup is Solo, Terror, Slapstick, and Stingray. I can’t believe no-one remembered these cats with names like that(!). 

Unfortunately they’re mostly as uninteresting as they’ve always been and pootle around while Wade figures out which one of them done the murders. I did laugh though when they showed Luke Cage’s face after he saw Deadpool’s ad for his own Heroes for Hire! 

Hawthorne’s art is pretty good with some very swish action scenes scattered throughout the story but there wasn’t anything that amazing or original here. Same with Duggan’s story which just wasn’t that exciting or engaging. The reveal is a callback to earlier in the Duggan/Posehn run and is kinda meh, and a lot of the cliffhangers are red herrings. I thought Deadpool would get up to some nuttier shenanigans with his cash but he doesn’t do anything you haven’t seen him do before. 

Millionaire with a Mouth is a decent Deadpool book but nothing special and is ultimately pretty forgettable. Looking forward to the next one though - Deadpool 2099!

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