Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Revolutionary War Review (Andy Lanning, Kieron Gillen)

I want to apologise to writers like Brian Bendis, Matt Fraction, Rick Remender, Jason Aaron and Jonathan Hickman whose event books I scoffed at for being piss-poor commercial crap - compared to Revolutionary War, your books look positively Shakespearean in quality! 

Revolutionary War reunites Marvel UK characters that were apparently popular in the early to mid ‘90s. Then again this was a period in time where Rob Liefeld was the most popular comics creator and garbage like Spawn and Savage Dragon were all the rage so I guess comics readers back then were either bonkers or on drugs or both? 

Ho hum. Evil dummies called Mys-Tech are returning to England to destroy it/take it over for Satan/whatever and it’s up to the British Marvel superheroes led by personality-free Captain Britain to stop them. That’s the only character whose name I can recall because the others that are introduced - and there are far, far too many tossed into this razor-thin story - are derivative of their American counterparts and instantly forgettable. 

The story structure is: introduce a crap character with a caption box filled with their name and powers, have them fight “Psycho-Wraiths”, meet up with other crap characters, and repeat. It’s impossible to care about these characters or the generic story; in fact this book is basically unreadable! Andy Lanning is responsible for the majority of this mess but writers who should know better like Kieron Gillen and Rob Williams unfortunately contribute. Art-wise there’s a mish-mash of people but the art throughout is so rubbish it’s not worth noting. 

Maybe Marvel UK fans who know these characters inside-out might get something out of this tedious nonsense but anyone else coming to this cold is going to leave baffled and bored in equal measure. Reading this it's easy to see why Captain Britain and co. are rarely seen in the Marvel universe - Revolutionary War, you are the worst Marvel event ever!

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